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Click the "Let's Get Started" link which will direct you to inquire.

I will contact you back within 48-hours to get you started! Fill out the given questionnaire and contract. The questionnaire portion is what I require to know more details about your brand and further, the look that you have envisioned. 

An invoice will be sent where you will be allowed to pay the deposit that is required for me to begin. (You can also pay in full if you would like). The deposit for any website is $100.

I will send a document that you must send back with all of the thorough information, images, prices, etc. This is what I will need to start the website. The date that you return this document, is when the turn around time begins!


The turn-around time for websites is 3-4 weeks.

(Rushed times are available for fee)

When you approve of the website design and pay the remaining balance of your invoice, your website with then be sent to your Wix account and published! You have the choice to edit things on your own, or to sit back and allow me to do site maintenance.

Websites are paid on a yearly or monthly basis through for as long as you need it to be published and running with your domain name.

-Artish Design


"Small Store Site"

  • 3 Pages MAX 

    • (Includes Store Page) (Including Subpages)

  • 1-2 Banners

  • Online Store

    • Up to 10 Products

      • Extra products available for fee​


"Full Out"

  • 5-6 Pages (extra pages available for fee) (Includes Store Page)

  • 4 Subpages allowed

  • 4 Page Banners

  • Newsletter Template

  • Online Store -

    • Up to 20 Products

      • Extra products available for fee​

  • 1 Video Ad or Custom GIF​​


"All Out"

  • 7-8 Pages (extra pages available for fee) (Includes Store Page)

  • 5 Subpages allowed

  • Online Store

    • Up to 30 Products​

  • 5 Page Banners

  • Newsletter Template 

  • 1 Video Ad or Custom GIF

  • Free monthly “Regular maintenance” for 4 months


"Small Biz"

  • 3 Pages/Sections MAX           

  • (Including Subpages) Extra pages available

  • 1-2 Page Banners


"Popular Demand"

  • 5-6 Pages (extra pages available for fee)

  • 3 Subpages allowed

  • 10 GB Storage

  • 4 Page Banners

  • Free Newsletter Template

  • 1 Video Ad or Custom GIF


"Big Biz"

  • 7-8 Pages (extra pages available for fee)

  • 5 Subpages allowed

  • 5 Page Banners

  • 1 Newsletter Template 

  • Free monthly “Regular maintenance” for 4 months

  • 1 Video Ad or Custom GIF

With a custom website, you will create a Wix account for hosting. You are responsible for choosing a Wix plan, but I will suggest/inform you of which plan is best for what you need. Wix plans vary from $14-$49 per month or $204+ yearly. Their prices are liable to change upon their own terms, and are separate from my services.

Wix plans vary in price depending on the options that they each offer. You can get Bing and Google ad vouchers, free apps, different amounts of storage/bandwidth and more!

Click   here for maintenance forms if you need to add to your completed website. 




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