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What is brand identity? E-book

What is a brand?
What is branding?
What is b
rand identity?

Learn all about these terms and the importance of each. This e-book will help you gain insight of crucial internal elements of branding. This information will help expand your knowledge of what goes into your brand identity other than just a logo and designs.

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Pre-branding Homework

Mini Workshop

Pre-branding homework is the first step to discovery

This mini workshop helps you uncover your brand's purpose, position & plans. This is key information that drives the brand identity process. Discovering the internal elements of your brand will help you deliver the message & solution that your brand is providing. Help viewers understand why they should be coming to you, instead of just telling them to!

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Building Your Brand Checklist

The planning process for your business is the most important

 Our checklist gives you in order details on what steps to take in building a successful brand. Check out the free checklist to see the broad summary, which can help you get started. Purchase the guided checklist to get in depth instructions, resources and discounts on business and brand building tools.  

Learn & Discover your Brand

Lots of new business owners fail to understand that creating a brand is more than having a logo designed. At Artish Design, we prioritize the internal elements of your business such as your purpose, position and plans before designing the external. After discovery, we create a brand identity that is effective in your field, stands out from competitors and appeals your target audience.



Brand Discovery Workbook

Self-led Canva workbook

Brands that take the time to discover their brand's internal details are more likely to succeed than those who jump in without a plan

This is a full brand discovery workshop that consists of 30 slides, 3 main sections and 11 activities. Lead yourself through this guide to uncover and discover the brand details that will keep you aligned with your message, goals and audience.

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Building Your Brand Guided Checklist


Our guided checklist will walk you through each step in building a successful brand

This interactive checklist guides you through each step to follow when starting and building a business. It's extremely difficult to gather everything you need for your business, so we have it here in one spot for you.



Business Plan Template

Marketing Plan Template

Direct Resources
Step-by-Step Instructions
Legal & Tax Tips


Building your Brand Checklist.png
Target Audience Map.png

Build Your Target Audience

Instant downloadable workbook for you to define your brand's target audience. This includes a guide for your target audience profile, map and market opportunities. Learning your target audience inside and out, will help you keep your brand's marketing aligned with the audience's wants and needs. People buy into stories and emotions, so it is wise to cater to that!

Learning & discovering your brand identity is the
first step to creating a successful lifelong brand


Book a Discovery Workshop

a 2 hour Zoom session going in-depth with the expert on the internal details of your brand, your brand in the market, your target audience and how to align the message of your business at all times.


The purpose of this call/workshop is for designer and client to have a clear understanding of the business and market. Client will walk away with confidence in their brand, and a clear written guide of the brand's purpose, mission statement, plans and target audience. The designer will collect important information that will lead the design process.


Discovery Workshop
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