What is the average turn-around time?

For Logo: The turn around time for a logo is generally 1 week after you have paid/given back your questionnaire. Although this is the ideal span, there are times when I am booked and therefore will let you know when it is estimated that your logo can be completed. If I am booked, it is usually a 2-3 week wait for your proofs. For Custom Item: Custom items usually take within 7-10 business days to get to you. If I have your item in stock, it can be done that day and sent out the next day. If i do not have your item in stock, it takes around 2 days to get to me. If that happens, I will make the item as soon as I get it, and ship it the next business day. Standard shipping is 2-3 business days which is why it is 1 week that I estimate for your item to get to you. ***Your item can take 14-17 business days to get to you if it is a "Special" Item or if I am not in stock*** If you are picking up your item, it takes less time. For Other Graphic: For graphics, it depends on what exactly you are requesting. Some graphics are more complex than others and can take up to 3 weeks. Others can take 1 week such as a logo. For Websites: Websites take 5-6 weeks after you turn in your contract/questionnaire. During this time I will be updating you on the process.

How do I pay a deposit for a service?

At the bottom of each page, there is a contact box in which you can email me inquiring about what it is that you need. I will send an invoice through Paypal and it can be paid through that.

What if I need my service sooner than 1 week?

There is an option in the shipping category that allows for you to choose 1 day shipping. Sometimes with standard shipping, it has been said to get there the next day, but that is not guaranteed. You MUST choose 1-day shipping if you need it that next day. Otherwise, you are choosing at your own risk and I am not responsible. I have the right to deny your service if you need it rushed but do not wish to pay for rushed service. Example: If you have ordered a pair of shorts on Tuesday and requested to have it by Saturday, but paid for priority shipping(1-3 days after designed), it is not guaranteed that you will have your item by Saturday. Reason being, hypothetically, I had to order these shorts because they are not in stock. They will get to me on Thursday and I will then ship. But since priority mail is 1-3 days, it could get to you as late as Sunday. (Since Sunday is not a business day, it could get there on Monday) This goes the same for any service, there are options to have a design or website rushed that can range from $20-$50 depending on how soon you need it. This fee is placed because it means that I am putting your requested item(s) above everyone else's, while still managing to get their item(s) to them on time.

What is the refund policy?

If you are receiving a logo, portrait, business cards or website, the main deposit (which varies) is always nonrefundable. Reason being, is that aside from you being expected to know what type of work I deliver after reading the contract or by seeing my past work, I have put hours of labor into creating already. There are certain reasons why you CAN be refunded certain amounts for various reasons, but the deposit is nonrefundable if I have begun your work already. Whether you are requesting a refund because you have found someone else's services better to suit you, you do not like the outcome of the proofs I have provided, or you have changed your mind for any other reason, the labor that I have put into it is nonrefundable. For custom items: Refunds are available for the following cases WITHIN 30 days of your purchase only • The letters have begun to peel without you having washed article of clothing • There is a stain or smell • The size is incorrect from what you ordered After 30 days, your item is no longer refundable. Refunds are not given for the following reasons if the item has a name, date, or any event specific design in on the item. • You ended up not liking item • You want another size although you received the size that you ordered

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order up to 24 hours after you have ordered it, unless I have already created, ordered, or began to create your item. Send an email, call or message me on this website if you need to cancel.

Do you work alone?

Yes, Artish Design consists of one person and that is me, Teshia Smith.

Instead of paying online, can we meet up?

Sure!! If you are in the Southfield/Detroit area, we can meet up to discuss your request, payments, questionnaire/contract. If the meet up spot is within 15 minutes from me, it is free. If it is further than 15 minutes from me, I will charge a consultation fee. I will not travel further than 30 minutes for a consultation

How/When can I set up a payment plan?

Payment plans are for logos or websites only. If you have a big order of items that is over $80, we can set up a payment plan as well but please understand, your items will not get to you until the full balance is paid!! This option is so that your designs/items/website will not be deleted or late fees added. Website: After your website is complete, I allow 14 days for your final/remaining payment. After that time frame has passed, the late fee is $10 per week or you can choose a payment plan described below. A payment plan is available with no interest with the following restrictions
• Must be confirmed within those two weeks of completed website.
• Must be no less than $40 biweekly
• If you cannot pay $40 biweekly for your payment plan, an additional $30 total will be added to your overall balance and complete balance must be paid within 30 days (after the 14 day completion period) Examples:
Client paid $50 deposit and chose to do THE LOOK website for $300. His website is complete in 4 weeks. His remaining balance is $250. He does not have $250 in full to pay. Client has 2 weeks before late fee is in progress.
Ex 1) We agree to a payment plan. As payment plan requires at least $40 every two weeks, it would take 6 payments for him to pay remaining balance. That's 12 weeks. His site would not be published/official until that entire balance is paid. He decides to pay $60 biweekly to get it published quicker. That is 4 payments. He can pay more whenever he'd like, as long as it adds up to at LEAST $40 biweekly.
Ex 2 ) He does not wish to do a payment plan of $40 biweekly, so decides to just have the $30 added to the balance. This means his entire balance will have to be paid within 30 days. He can add any amount of money to his invoice to lower balance within the 30 days. If he does not pay the remaining balance within 30 days, he can choose to do a payment plan or $10 late fee will be added per week.
Ex 3 ) Prior to website completion, client added $30 every two weeks after his $50 deposit. Overall by the time of completion, he paid $110. Now his remaining balance is $140. he can either pay this in full within 2 weeks of completion, or choose to do a payment plan.
*Understand, the payment plan is separate from your deposit. Deposit of at least $50 MUST be paid. Logo: After your logo is complete, I allow 30 days for your final/remaining payment. After that time frame has passed, the late fee is $5/week if you wish to redeem your logo A payment plan is available with no interest with the following restrictions
• Must be confirmed within 2 weeks after completed proofs are sent
• Must be no less than $10 a week
• Must be paid within 50 days *Understand, the payment plan is separate from your deposit. Deposit of at least $30/40 MUST be paid if you are not paying in full

E-Alerts vs E-Flyers?

An e-alert comes in groups of 4. Business owners nowadays have a social media page in which they advertise their work. Alerts all have the SAME design style and say a shoutout of 10 or less words. For example, "SALE!" "NEW PRODUCT ALERT!" "50% OFF". An e-flyer is more informative and usually is advertising a new item more in depth, or an event. For example, if someone would like to post a flyer that is showcasing their new bundle hair deals. Their flyer includes prices, lengths of hair, a sale and the name of their company.

What is a letterhead?

a printed heading on stationery stating a person's or organization's name and address.

How does copyrighting my chosen logo work?

You must copyright, register, trademark, your business on your own. I am providing the design. I can add a TM, R, or C on your logo but this will not mean that it is technically registered. All rights belong to you when given your logo, but I do reserve the right to use it for my portfolio, and for marketing uses. No other person will have the same logo as you.

Can you start my logo design this Saturday?

No! I do not work on weekends or holidays. Although you MAY receive emails, or proofs on a weekend, I do not design on weekends. I am not obligated to respond on weekends or holidays, althought sometimes I may.

eCommerce vs. Business Websites

Websites can either be to hold information for future clients/customers, or to do that as well as sell your product! eCommerce: Website that allows an online store. The online store makes it so you can accept payments and your product/services can be paid for directly on the site. Business: This website holds information for those who are not selling anything or would not like for the prices to be posted on the site. This is also the option for those who would like a blog, news or event website.


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