$10 of consultation goes toward service (Expires 30 days after call)

Questions about services and booking?
This call will leave you ready for your branding, well informed on what to book and how the process works here at Artish Design.  Questions pertaining to the following are welcome:
• Initial Branding Questions:
"Should I put my picture in my logo?"
"Do I need professional photos taken?"

• Questions About Booking
"If I want a dragon in my logo, which option should I book?"
"Which website package is best if I already have a logo?"

• Wix/Shopify Website Questions
"How will I go about printing shipping labels?"
"What is Wix/Shopify?"
"Will you get my website listed on Google?"
Need help with your business ideas?
45 minute phone or video session. This consultation is for those with questions while in the planning phase of their business. Want to know wise points about pricing, your business structure, clientele and more? This call will leave you knowing how to start, where to go and how to get there. Grab your pen and paper because you will have plenty notes!
Questions pertaining to the following are welcome:

• What your prices should be
• What your brand name should be
• Questions about gaining clients
• Questions about taxes and legalities

For questions about branding and booking in general such as • Initial Branding Questions • Questions About Booking • Wix/Shopify Website Questions, book a phone consultation