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Your Page is BORING

Let's face it, your instagram feed could use a little more POP.

Marketing is all about presentation, honestly. Presentation and your good quality product that is!

When I click on a businesses page to check out what they have to offer, the first things that I notice are the organization of their page, and the quality of work. If your page looks messy or "ashy" as some put it, 9 times out of 10, it gets looked over by NEW viewers. Old clients and people that know, will always come to you, sure, but it is 2019 and you need for your clientele to GROW. This is the year for expansion and growth.

One way to help with that, is to decorate your page with posts that represent your brand. Post your client selfies, work, products and services, and in between those, make sure to post alerts, flyers and shoutouts that match up with your brand accordingly.

Nowadays, as you probably have noticed from others, most businesses decorate their instagram pages by sets of three, since IG places posts 3x3. I'm sure you have seen most people post 3 posts at a time that correlate, this is actually a great way to make sure your page is coordinating and looking organized. Why is it important that your instagram page, out of all things, is organized? Well, Instagram has been a GREAT outlet for businesses in the past couple of years, and has served some as an alternative/extra way to have customers view work and purchase merchandise. These cases definitely make it true that your instagram should be just as beautiful as your website.


Here's some advice on how to keep your instagram organized and up to date.

1. Well of course, have a logo.

2. Make sure your client/product photos are CLEAR, high quality and sharp. If your phone does not have a quality camera, you should invest in a digital camera or a ring light. Even a small, phone ring light will work.

3. Post photos in sequences of 3 at a time.

4. Your sequences of 3 should coordinate in color or theme

5. Have e-alerts and e-flyers to post in between photos.

6. Whenever you have a sale or announcement, get it made as an e-alert or flyer so that it coordinates with your brand.

7. Have highlight icons created for your instagram story to invite viewers to see specific

8. Switch up your e-alerts/flyers styles every so often to keep things from getting stagnant and boring.

I offer monthly social media branding packages that allows you to get 4 newly designed alerts or flyers every month! Click here to check it out!

-Artish Design

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Roneisha Watkins
Roneisha Watkins
Jan 21, 2019

This is great! I'd never thought of uploading in multiples of three but it makes perfect sense. Have you ever utilized the promotional ads on IG? If so could you upload a post about your experience. I'd like to try it out and I'd love to hear from someone who's actually benefited from it.

Teshia Smith
Teshia Smith
Jun 15, 2022
Replying to

Oh wow I'm just seeing blog comments! Lol better late than never. I utilize promotional ads and see great increases of traffic, saves and followers each time I run one.

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