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Digital Age Marketing

Everywhere you go as a business owner should be a chance to market your brand. Business cards have their pros and cons but most modern entrepreneurs use them in packaging rather than networking, to avoid them being forgotten and thrown out. Most rely on digital marketing to give their information to prospects and fellow entrepreneurs, and a QR keychain makes that so much easier.


Keep it on your keys or pockets. Have potential clients pull out their phone, scan the code and they now have instant access to your website, link or other web address you are promoting.


Double-sided keychains:

2" square double-sided keychains are a perfect handheld size to quickly display your code to scan.

Get creative! One side can have a design, your logo, a photo, or information and the other side your QR code. This will grab viewers attention, & show them your further branding without the papertrail.


1.5" Circle or Square keychains:

are acrylic cut and a little thicker than the double-sided keychains. They are perfectly dainty and small to be attached to your keychain and showcase to potential customers.  To these, we can add small information to the top and/or bottom of the QR code, change the background color or just have a simple QR code on white background.


QR Code Keychain

  • If adding a custom design, please describe your design idea in the specified section and send any photos to

    Design can contain photos, words and design elements - Custom characters or logo creation is not included

    Your design can take 4-7 business days depending on complexity and current schedule. Once design is approved, your keychain will be printed and shipping in 5-10 business days

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