E-Alerts & Templates

E-Alerts & Templates

E-Alerts and templates, also known as social media posts, social media templates, instagram templates, etc. are becoming the new NEED for your business page.


E-Alerts and templates are used for posting on your page to ensure that posts are coordinated and that they represent your brand well. These are shoutout styled posts that should consist of 15 or less words. The templates are practically the same thing, they just have a blank spot for you to fill in the words at your own leisure.


E-Alert Examples:

• Shop Now!

• The appointment book is now OPEN

• Free Shipping on Wednesdays with the code: PINKWEDS

• Send Us Your Selfies for 10% Off of Your Next Order!


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Upon purchasing, you will receive a form to fill out within 24 hours  (Weekends excluded)

In that form, you will fill out the necessary information about your brand and any ideas that you may have for the e-alerts/templates.



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