Custom Stickers/Labels

Custom Stickers/Labels

Choose from transparent or white backed labels/stickers for your project or brand! You can use these for product labels on your jars, containers, etc. You can also have stickers created for your personal leisure or personal projects.


If you'd like a full design for the labels, please click here to inquire, and receive an invoice

• Each page is 8.5"x11". The amount of stickers you get depends on the size needed. For example, 12 - 2"x3" stickers can fit on one page. Before purchasing, feel free to send an email with your requested size so we can figure out how many pages you will need.

• If you are using these for product labels, you will need to send the exact dimensions (HxW) of the area that is being covered with a label. If you want an exact match, it is wise to send me a sample of your container/jar/tube. If you do not have the exact dimensions or a sample to send, it is your responsibility if the labels are not the accurate size.

Please expect 7-10 business days for your design if you are getting a full design for your labels.


After your design is approved by you or if you are not receiving a full design, printing takes 5-7 business days.

Shipping is 3-4 business days.



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