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High quality labels - White backed; glossy or matte

✅ You can use these for product labels on your jars, boxes, & other packaging 

✅ These can also be great for personal projects 

What is going on your labels?

- To add full design, please click here 

- Without full design, you can provide your own design or your logo and basic information will be printed.

- A consultation form will be sent for you to input information/details.


If you have label variations (ie. different scents or sizes) they must each be added to the cart separately if purchasing 50  - Up to 3 different label variations (of the same size) can be printed if purchasing 150+, otherwise add each variation separately



Intermediate adhesive vinyl

Can last up to 5 years with normal conditions 

Apply labels with high pressure for strong hold

Oil/water will not smear these labels

Must clean and dry surface before adhering 


To request size that isn't listed, please contact us here - Upcharge may apply

Glossy/Matte Labels

  • Design is not included, to book design please click here 

    If you are not purchasing a design, you must provide your own, or your logo/brand name and basic info will be printed. No design elements will be added. 
    - You will be sent a mockup to approve before printing. 

    - If adjustments are needed without purchasing a design, revision fees will be added

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