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Beautiful acrylic cut keychains. You can choose a to have your name, and image, logo or a special design. 


• If choosing a name keychain, write your name in the box and the color(s) you'd like.

The name template is as shown in images.

• If choosing an image, upload it here along with your order number after purchasing.

• 1-2 Subjects means that if this is an image with people, 1-2 people can be cut out.

Premade design is one of the designs that are already created that you see in the images

(Hot Girl, the Future is Me, In My Bag, Born to Flex, Don't Cry Reapply)

3D Keychain

  • There are no returns/refunds on custom orders of any kind.

  • If receiving special design keychain, you will receive a form to fill out after purchasing. After the form is filled out, your design proof will take 5-7 business days to be completed. After the design is approved, you will receive the keychain in 12 business days.

    You will receive your keychain in the mail within 12 business days

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