T-Shirt Design

This option is for the deposit ONLY!
I will let you know the full price of your design idea once the questionnaire is filled out.


T-shirt designs can range from $30-60

These prices are only available if I am printing your shirts.

If you would like a digital file of your design, it will be charged as a logo since it could be used as one.


After purchasing design, T-shirts must be purchased separately under "Customized T-shirts"

$20 is the minimum payment for a design. $30 for a character design. This deposit is nonrefundable. If you pay in full for your design, and for some reason change your mind, $30/$40 is still nonrefundable.

If you pay partially for me to begin, you will be sent the full resolution JPEG and PNG design when you pay the remaining balance.

If you pay in full, you will receive your full resolution JPEG and PNG design when I complete design and you verify it.

You may choose to pay any amount to lower remaining balance at any time during the process of your logo. Just add to your invoice!

Design Includes Character?


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