Glossy Logo

Glossy Logo

Discounted logos are $50 and must be paid full out, with no deposits, and no extra proofs given.

These are logos that were not chosen by clients or were never paid out by client, ready to be handed to another business.

None of these logos have come from ideas of another client, nor are they in similarity to anyone’s chosen logo.

Colors and words to your chosen discounted logo may be changed. 

Any extra adjustment is $5 extra.

Adjustments include:

-Moving items/words/symbols to different spot

-Adding any aspects.

-Adding drop shadow, glow and gradient 

Each adjustment will be charged separately via Paypal Invoice


If you'd like the other variation included in this concept, It can be yours as a color variation for only $15 extra! It is important to have more than one logo for variety and different mediums.

    $50.00 Regular Price
    $45.00Sale Price


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